Josh Wilford
Leadership Speaker

“The most powerful competitive advantage in business,
sports, or life is a team that is aligned, committed, and
trusts each other.”

About Josh


The most powerful competitive advantage in business, sports, or life is a team that is aligned, committed, and trusts each other.

When this exists….special things happen! For Josh Wilford, it all comes down to positive leadership; by bringing  the best out in yourself, you can bring out the best in your teammates. In this way, Josh has forged a one-of-a-kind leadership journey, fostering team-building and collaboration among thousands of employees in a  Fortune 500 company.

Leadership does not come with title or tenure. Leadership is all about  behavior, attitude, and actions.

As a keynote speaker, Josh brings his unique professional experience directly to you in the form of engaging stories, videos and audience interaction. Josh takes an energetic and conversational approach to connect with audiences, sharing positive leadership experiences that will inspire you to unlock your own leadership potential.



Top Five Reasons To Work With Josh

Is there a reason to partner with a keynote speaker if they don’t bring the energy?  Josh makes a promise to engage, entertain, and energize your team.  Otherwise, you can just read an article or watch a video….right?

With a leadership journey that spans across culture building to championing complex change events; Josh can offer insight to those traveling on their unique journey.  Years of experience in a complex, matrix organization lends itself to sharing of best practices to enhance already large businesses or offer advice to rapidly growing teams.

Josh believes in the power of leadership, in the value of creating environments of trust, and the advantage a great team means to results. Josh believes leadership is a muscle that requires exercise, training, and tested to stay sharp.  Paying it forward and helping others on their journey is personally motivating for Josh.

Working with Josh eliminates the need to worry about the keynote address of your event.  You will partner directly with Josh.  No middle person to interpret what you want.  You and Josh talk directly to ensure the plan fits in perfectly to your event objectives.

What you see is what you get.  Josh will not pretend to be someone he’s not or know something he doesn’t.  What you will get is honest, genuine messages with a dose of humility.  Josh is not afraid to say “I don’t know but what do you think?”


What people say


Our Process

The process is focused on you and your event.The goal is to compliment and enhance your objectives.When we partner together, our goals become one and hope to leave the audience grateful we spent our time together.

Your Event



The most important step in the process. At least one kick off call will be scheduled to ensure Josh has clarity on the event objectives,opportunities to address, and makeup of the audience. This is also your time to ensure you are satisfied with the gameplan.We will discuss content, duration, format, Q&A, facilitation of activities and more. Matching the keynote to your organization, market dynamics, and vision is the goal.


Game Time

Josh will deliver the agreed upon gameplan with energy, humor, and real-life stories. Never boring and always on your schedule.



Follow-up questions and requests are always welcome. A post-game meeting is a best practice for Josh and the client to review any learnings or share observations best done in a small group setting.

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