“Leaders take organizations past the level that science
and management says is possible”
- General Colin Powell

Josh Wilford

Leadership Speaker

VP/GM Americas, Emerson

The most powerful competitive advantage in business, sports, or life is a team that is aligned, committed, and trusts each other.

When this exists….special things happen!

For Josh Wilford, it all comes down to positive leadership; by bringing the best out in yourself, you can bring out the best in your teammates. In this way, Josh has forged a one-of-a-kind leadership journey, fostering team-building and collaboration among thousands of employees in a Fortune 500 company.

Leadership does not come with title or tenure. Leadership is all about behavior, attitude, and actions. As a keynote speaker, Josh brings his unique professional experience directly to you in the form of engaging stories, videos and audience interaction. Josh takes an energetic and conversational approach to connect with audiences, sharing positive leadership experiences that will inspire you to unlock your own leadership potential.

Josh enjoys sharing his lessons learned and best practices aquired over the years of working with great leaders and studying leadership philosophies. Whether you are a large corporation looking to motivate your leadership team or a smaller company looking to invest in your potential leadership talent, Josh is excited to be part of your journey.

Josh is currently an executive with Emerson (www.emerson.com) as the VP/GM Americas leading 2000  teammates in the region. Josh has been fortunate to work with great leaders and in various areas over the  past 25 years. Josh has experience in plant management, engineering, sales, IT, new product  development, and general management. His passion for leadership, teamwork, and creating  environments of trust has been the one consistent throughout his career.